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Key personnel
The designated safeguarding lead (DSL) for child protection is:-
Mrs Rachael Rimmer
Contact details: email: tel: 0151 288 6530

The deputy designated lead(s) are:-
1) Mrs Michelle Piercy
Contact details: email: tel: 0151 288 6530
2) Mrs Michelle Williams
Contact details: email: tel: 0151 288 6530

The nominated child protection governor is Mrs Catherine Taylor
Contact details: email: tel: 0151 288 6530

The nominated Early Help Lead Practitioner is/are
Contact details: email: Mrs Rachael Rimmer tel: 0151 288 6530

The Headteacher is:- Mrs Rachael Rimmer
Contact details: email: tel: 0151 288 6530


Firstly, Merseyside Police have contacted me with a very important warning about the mobile app, which should be added to your school website and newsletter to parents.

It is the fastest growing social media streaming app available and has approximately 20 million users worldwide. It enables users to live stream videos of themselves, and watch videos from other users.

It has limited security features, making it possible for users to potentially identify where a video is being streamed from or has been recorded. Any video can be recorded or shared without the permission or knowledge of the person who made it.

Many legitimate apps are being used by young people in a way that allows them to communicate with or be contacted by strangers, which creates a very real and significant risk to them.

My colleagues at Merseyside Police are keen for parents to make sure they know the apps their children are using, how those apps work and how they are being used.

Whether it is staff at the Local Authority, at our schools, parents, guardians and carers, we all have a responsibility to know the warning signs of exploitation so we can prevent a child or young person from putting themselves at risk or forming inappropriate relationships. You can find out more online at Listen to My Story, the Police Safety Centre and the NSPCC