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MFL at Thomas Gray

At Thomas Gray, Children are taught Spanish from Year 2 to Year 6. Spanish is taught weekly by a specialist native Spanish teacher from Junior Jam.

The Spanish curriculum reinforces work covered in other curriculum areas such as Mathematics. Geography, Music and Computing, as well as developing specific language learning skills.

We greatly value the importance of early language learning and we believe that in today’s international and multicultural society, it is essential that young people develop skills and attitudes that enable them to communicate with, understand and respect other cultures.

We endeavour to use exciting and effective teaching methods and materials to build enthusiasm and motivation in our young learners. A great deal of emphasis is placed on listening and speaking skills and pupils are given the opportunity to learn vocabulary and grammatical structures through games, rhymes, chant and song. This is reinforced with reading and writing skills.


Our aims for primary Spanish are:

To broaden the cultural awareness of the pupils and to foster positive attitudes to foreign language learning, to speakers of other languages and a tolerant sympathetic approach to other cultures and civilisations.

To enable the pupils to acquire knowledge and skills in Spanish with particular emphasis on speaking and listening.

To actively encourage the pupils to participate and enjoy the language activities creating confident learners of another language.

To seek to immerse the pupils during lessons in the target language, when appropriate.

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