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Thomas Gray Primary School promotes a love of Science. Each year group enjoys engaging and thought-provoking science lessons that allow children to investigate problems, learn how science works and discover how science matters within the world. At our school, we follow principles of science that allow us to be the best scientists we can be.

Principles of Science

We know good science teaching and learning happens when …..

When children can discover for themselves (risk taking, creating own investigations, answering own questions and using trail and error)
When children raise questions and explore them.
When children use scientific vocabulary.
When children use their knowledge and understanding in written and verbal explanations.
When children work well with other pupils and understand their role in a group.
When children are excited and involved with their learning.
When children can remember concepts taught.
When a variety of scientific enquiry is used to support children with problem solving.
When children report their own findings in a variety of ways.

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