School Council

School Council Members 2020/2021


Year 1

Nial Tomkins

Aoifa Hanlon

Mikey Mulhern

Shannon Limb


Year 3

Bianca Bartosiewicz de Moraes

Lewis Kelly

Maggie-Lee Byrne

Alfie Ambrose


Year 5

John Paul Humphray

Sophie Miller

Joseph Berry McAllister

Caitlin Savage

Year 2

Alfie Burgess

Caitlyn Davies

Joseph Ibbotson

Daisy Dewsbury


Year 4

Charlie Cuddy

Evie-Mae Miller

Max Gaunt

Lily-Jo Whitmore


Year 6

Stevie Jo Burgess

Louis Silk

Sapphire Harrison

Sean Battersby

The School Council members have discussed and voted for which charities we will support this year. 

The charities they have chosen are:


Young Minds
Young Minds
British Red Cross
British Red Cross
Autism Awareness
Autism Awareness
Children in Need
Children in Need
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