Welcome to Foundation Stage: The Gruffalo class


Please bring 10p per day to contribute towards snack costs.


Reception P.E day is on a Monday, please ensure your child has their kit in school.

Nursery and Reception will take part in physical activities with our sports coaches on a Friday, please ensure they wear tracksuit pants and trainers.


Nursery – books available to take home and share, please help yourself to a book from the box in the cloakroom.

Reception – Read, Write Inc homework will come home on a Monday, please work with your child to learn the letter sounds and begin to build words. Reading homework, children to learn to read simple words and throughout the year will receive a reading book. Please make sure you return these books on a Monday so they can be changed.

Autumn Term 1

1. Would you like to have tea with the Gruffalo?

Children will listen to and discuss the story of The Gruffalo.

They will collage the different characters.

2. Would you like to have tea with the Gruffalo?

Children will make the different foods from the story. They will also create a Gruffalo using play dough and paint.

3. How do the three bears feel when they find Goldilocks?

Children will listen to and act out the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’

4. Why did Goldilocks prefer Baby Bears porridge?

Children will make and taste their own porridge.

They will write instructions and recipes.

5. How did Goldilocks get to the Three Bears cottage?

Children will learn about directions and create a map.

They will look at different ways of traveling.

Autumn Term 2

1. Is there any room on the broom for me?

Children will share the story Room on the broom.

They will make witches and skeletons using craft materials.

2. What noises can you hear at night?

We will learn about bonfire night and Guy Falkes.

The children will make firework pictures.

3. Why does mummy owl fly away?

Children will listen to the story of ‘Owl Babies’.

We will have a visit from some real owls.

4. Where are the stars in the day time?

Children will find out about day and night.

5. Who followed the star?

We will learn about the Christmas story and make lots of Christmas crafts

Spring 1

1. Who does this egg belong to?

Children will look at a variety of eggs and discover a giant egg –

But who does it belong to?

2.   What do dinosaurs like to eat?

We will look at the story ‘Dinosaurs Café’ and ‘Crunch Munch Dinosaur lunch’ and find out what dinosaurs like to eat. Do they all eat the same?

3.   How many dinosaurs can you name?

We will read some information texts and find out about dinosaurs using the internet. The children will make some information posters. How many dinosaurs were there?

4.   How do we know dinosaurs were real?

We will go exploring this week and discover some dinosaur bones.

We will visit a Museum to find some dinosaur bones.

5.   What might dinosaurs look like today?

The children will design and make their own dinosaurs this week and create a name and profile for their dinosaur.