Our Staff



Mrs R Rimmer

Assistant Headteachers

Mrs M Williams and Mr C Todd

Office Staff
Mrs P Leadbetter – Office Manager
Mrs J Arrowsmith – Pastoral Officer
Miss C Geddes – Administration Assistant

2 Year Old Room

Miss H Bailey – Teacher

Mrs Lynn Hudson – Teacher

Mrs G Faraday – L3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Miller – Teaching Assistant

Miss B Conroy – Teaching Assistant

Miss C Thornberry – Teaching Assistant


Miss H Bailey – Nursery Teacher -EAL Leader

Mrs K Davison –  Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Monaghan – Teaching Assistant

Miss C Curtin – Teaching Assistant/SEN Support


Mrs M Williams – Class Teacher – EYFS Lead/Assistant Headteacher

Mrs J McGowan – Teaching Assistant

Miss C Talbot – Teaching Assistant – 1:1

Mrs M Lesiewicz – Teaching Assistant – 1:1

Year 1
Mr C Davies – Class Teacher – Maths Leader/Computing leader

Mrs J Lucas – Teaching Assistant

Miss D Sharkey – Teaching Assistant – 1:1

Miss L Walton – Teaching Assistant – 1:1

Year 2
Mrs O Ball – Class Teacher – Geography/History Leader

Miss K Gilbertson  – Class Teacher – R.E. Leader

Miss K Campbell – Teaching Assistant
Mr T Woods – Teaching Assistant/Sports Coach

Mrs B Cosgrove – Teaching Assistant

Mr T Woods – Teaching Assistant/Sports Coach

Year 3
Miss S Briscoe – Class Teacher/MFL Leader/SENCo

Mrs L Walton – Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Stewart – Teaching Assistant

Year 4
Mrs L McGaw – Science Leader/SENCo
Mrs J McDermott – Teaching Assistant
Miss T Valentine – Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Mr C Todd- Class Teacher/PE Leader/Assistant Headteacher
Miss L Maskell – Class Teacher

Miss B Conroy – Teaching Assistant

Year 6
Mrs M Piercy – Teacher/Acting Deputy/English Leader
Miss L Archbold – Teaching Assistant

Miss S Briscoe and Mrs L Mcgaw

Sports Coach

Mr T Woods


Welfare Staff

Mrs S Hughes

Mrs J Lunt

Mrs N Longley

Mr E Anders



Mrs S  Hughes

Mrs J Lunt

Mrs M Lesiewicz

Mr E Anders