Resources Committee Terms of Reference

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Name of Committee: Resources Committee
Number of Governors: Minimum of 3 Governors
Quorum: 3 Governors (including Headteacher)

The Committee will meet at least once a term and provide minutes of the meetings for distribution to
all Governors prior to the next full meeting of the Governing Body. The Governing Body/Committee
will appoint a Chair and a Clerk. The Committee may also co-opt up to two non-voting members with
financial/audit skills as appropriate.


  • To approve the budget for the year.
  • To assist the Headteacher in monitoring the budget during the course of the year.
  • To approve/review delegated duties.
  • In consultation with the Headteacher to vire monies up to £10,000.
  • To ensure that the school complies with the legal requirements of Fair Funding and Financial Regulations.
  • To ensure compliance with principles of best value.
  • To arrange the auditing of non-public funds
  • To approve contracts over the value of £10,000
  • To liaise with the Authority.
  • To recommend a charging policy to the full Governing Body and to oversee its implementation.
  • To consider/deal with premises related matters when finance is involved.
  • To carry out other fiance related tasks as delegated by the full Governing Body.
  • To develop, review and oversee the implementation of the Governing Body’s personnel policies, to
    include making recommendations to the Full Governing Body on:

    • Adoption of procedure for discipline, competency and grievance matters
    • *Appointments and dismissal policies, including a mechanism for convening panels for the
      appointment of Head and Deputy Head Teachers and leadership group
    • **Whole school pay policy ensuring annual review of salaries
    • Complaints policy and procedure
    • Performance management policy
    • Equal Opportunities ensuring that all personnel matters are conducted in compliance with this policy.