We aim to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.

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Speaking and listening skills are developed through a range of activities such as poetry, discussion and drama. We encourage the children to become confident, fluent speakers and attentive listeners.

Reading is taught through a wide range of activities, including the use of a structured reading scheme. Great emphasis is placed on phonic work and other word building skills. From Early Years, teachers use the Read Write Inc. programme to deliver the lively and vigorous teaching of synthetic phonics. This programme is further used to develop reading, writing and spelling skills.

Guided reading is delivered throughout school using a range of reading material including Read Write Inc, Big Cat. Parents and carers are encouraged to take an active part in developing their child’s reading through regularly listening to them read at home. Fluent readers use Reading Explorers to develop their skills during guided reading sessions. They are also encouraged to select personal reading materials from the class or school library.

Writing skills are taught around high quality texts appropriate to each year group. The texts used are based on text-types such as Non-Chronological Reports, Traditional Tales and Persuasion.  Each unit of writing follows the teaching sequence.

This sequence provides a coherent model for linking and combining the literacy skills and text-types into effective teaching and learning opportunities, which lead to meaningful outcomes. Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills are taught and developed in the context of the unit theme and practised and applied to the unit outcome and across the curriculum.

Spelling is taught through the No Nonsense Spelling Babcock  Programme. The focus of this programme is on the teaching of spelling, which embraces knowledge of spelling conventions – patterns and rules; but integral to the teaching is the opportunity to promote the learning of spellings, including statutory words, common exceptions and personal spellings. There is a clear progression through blocks of teaching units across the year. Pupils’ learning is assessed throughout the programme within the units being taught.

Staff use a number of imaginative and innovative ways of integrating and supporting reading and writing across the wider curriculum including drama activities, teacher in role, role play, visits and use of ICT resources.

We follow the National Curriculum 2014 programmes of study ensuring progression in knowledge, skills and understanding.

We aim to develop knowledge, skills and understanding that will support each pupil on a lifelong learning journey.

Literacy and RWI

 Read Write Inc. Phonics, Literacy & Language, Fresh Start and Spelling are highly successful literacy programmes for 4-13 year olds created by Ruth Miskin and published by Oxford University Press. The training and support from Ruth Miskin Training, rated Outstanding by the Department for Education, ensure the programmes have the best chance of success in schools.

The four Read Write Inc, programmes are carefully matched to the new curriculum, giving your children the best chance of success in the national tests. They show teachers, teaching assistants and parents step-by-step how to teach all children to become fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

Our school uses:

  • Read Write Inc. Phonics for our children in Reception to Year 2 and for our children in Years 3 and 4 who needs to catch up
  • Read Write Inc. Fresh Start for our children in Year 5-6 with a reading age of nine and below
  • Read Write Inc. Phonics is used by over a quarter of the UK’s primary schools. it is a comprehensive literacy programme, weaving decoding, comprehension, writing and spelling together seamlessly. Ruth Miskin developed the programme during her time as a headteacher in Tower Hamlets. She believes that in order for a school to be successful, every headteacher needs to adopt a consistent whole-school approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling. Fidelity to the teaching programme, rigorous assessment, tracking and one-to-one tutoring ensure that schools guarantee progress for every child.
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  • Read Write Inc. Fresh Start raises attainment rapidly in reading and writing. The programme boosts children’s confidence by matching what they read with the sounds they know using specially created age-appropriate texts and anthologies.Read Write In. Fresh Start provides clear and cumulative writing activities to build vocabulary and punctuation.
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