Welcome to our Nursery Class

It’s good to be in Nursery because we have lots of fun…………..

“Playing in the water”
“Doing drawing and writing”
“Playing with our friends”
“Being doctors and knights”
“Making things in the sand”

Meet the staff 2019/20

Miss E Goulbourn – Nursery Teacher
Miss H Bailey – Nursery Teacher
Mrs K Davison –  Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Monaghan – Teaching Assistant
Miss E Stewart – Teaching Assistant

Useful information

This year we are offering all nursery aged children 30 hours free education!  Children will be offered 4 full days and a half a day.

These sessions are:

  • Monday       8:45am – 3:15pm
  • Tuesday      8:45am – 3:15pm
  • Wednesday 8:45 – 1:15pm*
  • Thursday     8:45 – 3:15pm
  • Friday          8:45am – 3:15pm

*If you would like your child to stay on Wednesday afternoon you can pay additional £10 at the office.

Lending Library Service 

We encourage all children to read at home with their families. On Friday mornings we will provide children with the opportunity to borrow a book of their choice. Children must return their previous book in order to exchange it.  Your child will be provided with their own school book bag.

Lunch Time!

School will kindly provide children with two free school meals. They will be provided on Monday and Friday. We are asking parents to provide a packed lunch on the other days or pay £2.10 for a school lunch.

Snack Time!

Throughout the week children will enjoy a range of healthy snacks including, brioche, crumpets, toast, yoghurt, biscuits cereal, milk and a piece of fruit.  The charge for this is 20p per day or £1 per week.


Children will have their P.E session on a Monday, we ask parents to provide children with suitable clothing such as joggers and pumps.

Messy Play

Children will engage in lots of messy play activities, this is all part of their learning journey and they will go home very messy. Please can you provide a full set of spare clothes so we can change your child if needed. Ensure they have their names in.

Fine Motor

Each morning we will set our classroom up ready for your child to engage in a range of fine motor activities, this helps develop children’s writing skills and gets them ready to hold a pencil correctly. We encourage parents to stay each morning to help their child with these activities.